A Million Different Directions

Well, it’s been several weeks and I finally feel like I’ve gotten up to operating speed. I think I’ve struck a nice balance between everything and have been out shooting, which was much needed. The ideas are coming a mile a minute, but I’m having a hard time falling in love with any of them. This next week I plan to write as many out as I can and try to see if there is a pattern. As of right now, I am really moving in three directions. I love the work that I’ve been doing with movies and creating painterly images from the digital data, both still and motion. I also have been using these images¬†as source material for an experiment with breaking down images by inserting data within the body of the code. It’s a really huge departure for me to just use text and code to digitally manipulate a completely nonrepresentational image. It’s fun, but I’m not completely sure what direction it will take. The third avenue I’m pursing has quite a bit to do with the idea of night. Still working out details, but some of the more interesting ideas revolve around urban legends and public spaces. This was my first love and my idea from the beginning, so I’m guessing the idea of spaces will dominate and I’ll pull in some of the digital later on.

As far as reading goes, I’ve really been cranking to try to get ideas. I finished Camera Lucida and Mythologies by Roland Barthes, But Is It Art? by Cynthia Freeland, After Art by David Joselit, After Modern Art (1945-2000) by David Hopkins, Wretched of the Screen by Hito Steryl, Who’s Afraid of Conceptual Art? by Peter Goldie, and Photography by Steven Bull. Lots of new ideas – I’ve adopted the mantra ‘Message before Medium’ and I’m trying to make it stick with my work. We’ll see.

The biggest boom in my work has been having the chance to work with Brian Ulrich as a mentor this semester. He and I will be chatting via Skype every 2 weeks and he’s already helped me to structure my thinking and my work. He has encouraged me to make ‘sketches’ with my images – not to always try to go out and get a final shot in one go, but to really research, work through ideas and make distinct decisions when you are ready. I’m very excited about our future interactions.

Night 6675 Night 6688 Night 6706 Night 6735 Night 6745 Night 6767 Night 6770 Night 6797 Night 6810 Contrast 6207 Contrast 6228 Tenembrism 6372 2sm Glitch 1 Glitched 2 Glitched 3 Glitched 4 Glitched 5 Screen-Shot-2015-02-06-at-1.46.38-AM _ER_6313 Ephemera_glitched _ER_6346


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