Artist Statement & Work – Aerial/Ground

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Artist Statement:

Everything interesting to me happens in the interstitial space that a photograph can demarcate but never occupy. Aerial/Ground is part of a broader examination into the way that photographs relate to each other and the ability for one photograph to bring another to bear. I shop through aerial imagery until I find a location that interests me – perhaps it isn’t visible from a road or perhaps the birds-eye view holds some formal quality that piques my interest. Upon being satisfied with a location (of which the only requirements are that I have never been there before), I note its coordinates and travel to the place in order to photograph it from the ground. I photograph the location physically, utilizing a physical photographic process (a tripod and medium or large format camera) that mirrors my presence in the environment. I take the entire location in, photographing locations to mimic what I experience and see.

A high-resolution image of the place is assembled using aerial images and printed alongside a photograph taken from the ground , with both images being of a similar size. The prints create formal, temporal, and physical edges, between which exists the work of art itself.


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Jer Nelsen – Aerial-Ground Artist Statement2

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