Work Update – March 2015


Snackbar Mom – a mother from a drive-in advert from the late 50s, saying that a mother who brought her family to the drive-in was a good mother and able to give her family exactly what they wanted. She is placed unevenly inside our home as I experiment with spaces and meaning.


Beauty and the Beast – In an attempt to continue to reimagine my earlier work, I’ve taken the movie into space and worked on establishing pictorial space. This is actually just a test for a later piece.


I drive by this ATM every day – it is in the middle of almost nowhere, but it glows at night against a very rural backdrop. It interests me and my mentor challenged me to photograph it to work through ideas.


The program has really been difficult the last several weeks as it is our busiest season at work and our family has been constantly sick for the last month. This isn’t an ‘art’ piece per se, but it was a chance for me to make a mark of what I hope to be in a place where I want to be.


I’ve been shooting piles of snow in a variety of ways. They have interesting formal qualities, but I am very interested in their temporal nature and how out of place they are at times.



FILM_-15 FILM_-12 FILM_-11 FILM_-14 FILM_ 11.tiff copy FILM_-16

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