Residency 1 – Work

Untitled-1 A-Bug's-Life A-Knight's-Tale Cinderella Les-Miserables Shawshank Sleepless-In-Seattle The-Pink-Panther PRIDE-&-PREJUDICE-(WS) Chariots-of-Fire Nacho-Libre Dirty-Dancing Beauty-and-the-Beast It's-a-Wonderful-Life Jurrasic-Park FINDING-NEMO The-King-and-I A-New-Hope Monuments-Men Princess-Bride Guardians-of-the-Galaxy



Artist Statement:


“For a long time, I have wondered what it would look like if we were able to look at a memory — what it would look like if we were able to take a story or an experience and show it all at once.

This work is an adventure in that direction. I’m playing with the idea of single images that represent complex and turbulent material – time, movement, color. When we look at the images themselves, they can conjour up emotions based on color and abstract form, but our brain attributes new value to them when we offer up the title of the memory. The work becomes representational only when we understand what it is we are looking at. At the point of realization, we bring personal experience to the work and it changes.

The photographs on display are a mix of play, curiosity in cultural psychology and appropriation. I have taken the 100,000 to 200,000 still frames that make these well-known movies up and averaged them out, looking for a median value of each individual pixel. The result tedious process of aggregating and averaging the frames results in a very flat, desaturated image. At this point, I take the liberty of redistributing the values based on absolute white and black points, and the final digital image is complete.”


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