Residency 4

What a whirlwind! As always, this residency was jam-packed with great information, challenging and fulfilling critique, and a splash of entertainment. I’ll be diving into working on thesis and exhibition, so posts may turn more snippet-y for the next several months. For now, here are a few images of the residency, mostly featuring Mario.

Building the cube

Building the cube with polycarbonate that got stuffed in my checked baggage. #cheapskate


Syl modeling his beauty pageant sash and his fiber optic detangling skills. Shout out to TSA for really thoroughly checking out that cable and leaving me the joy of untangling it. (Just kidding, TSA, love y’all!)


A group of teachers didn’t know what to do with my sail installation, so they “decided to make it a challenge, like, you know, in real life.” Not sure what it means, but I got a laugh out of it and a few interesting emails.


The teacherless installation, a riff on Hans Haacke’s Blue Sail


The cube being built. It took about 4 hrs to put all the cables in place and only about 2.5 minutes to take them all out.


Final view on a pedestal with the reflection of a print. Good suggestion, whoever suggested that!



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