September Update – Monuments

I was encouraged to explore a very specific area and try to ‘mine’ from it. I chose a three block radius from my house. I appreciated being a new resident to the area, so I was able to view the area as a visitor and a resident at the same time.

As I walked around for several evenings, I noticed how many areas had small areas for fires or dumping, and I began to imagine they were somehow monuments or altars, leftover from ceremonies or lost traditions. Regardless, they had interesting formal qualities and it gave me a chance to try a few of my new approaches out. I began by getting as much out of the way in terms of tech that I could, I taped up the LCD and set the shutter to single frame release. I tried my best to consider my images and even converted everything to black-and-white without ever seeing the color images. It was a fun exercise, but I found it much less engaging than I hoped. I gave it a few weeks, but ended up moving back to the mapmaking and sat imagery that has been fascinating me.
_ER_0002 _ER_0043 _ER_0059 _ER_0063 _ER_0083 _ER_0081
_ER_9988 _ER_9999 _ER_0011

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