A week after “Rhyme and Reason” ended, I collaborated with Alec Hoogland to put on a joint show of our work at Old Master. Alec is a ceramic artist, so the show worked on quite a few themes. The main focus was on ceremony and the show was titled, “Un/Ceremonial”. Our work met at the point where normal conventions or expectations were altered or reordered in the work. The photographs I showed were of man-altered landscapes where large circles of one kind or another had been carved into the earth. Pre-Assyrian stone circles in Jordan, pivot farming, solar refineries, nuclear test sites, and bombing targets provided some of the imagery, sourced from satellite data over the last 4-5 years. The photographs were gilded – an act of making an object or item sacred by covering it in a valuable and coveted substance like gold or silver.

The space was also set up in the proportions of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu (茶の湯). The space was proportioned as per the traditional ceremony with lines on the ground with a tea set in the center, but all of the spaces were rearranged and visitors had to cross the demarcations to view the work.

Un:Ceremonial - 0095 Un:Ceremonial - 0190 Un:Ceremonial - 0108 Un:Ceremonial - 0139 Un:Ceremonial - 0181 Un:Ceremonial - 0177 Un:Ceremonial - 0159 Un:Ceremonial - 0157 Un:Ceremonial - 0153 Un:Ceremonial - 0151 Un:Ceremonial - 0144 Un:Ceremonial - 0141 Un:Ceremonial - 0115 Un:Ceremonial - 0137 Un:Ceremonial - 0162 Un:Ceremonial - 0132 Un:Ceremonial - 0124


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