Work Update – June 2015

Well, it’s June and the next residency is fast approaching. Life is busy as we get ready to close on our house and packed with travel for almost all of June.

With my recent work, I’ve really opened myself up to shooting wherever I find myself. The idea of sharing images made from happenstance and photographing places¬†that are overlooked is energizing to me and allows me to present wide, open-ended questions through a type of transitory glimpse at a place. The images are made with intention to be sure, but the places aren’t special until you invest a minute or two of your precious time to see the details or anomalies that caught my attention. (I find this same aesthetic with Soth and Sternfield.)*

I’m sort of just cataloging places lately. Not to remember them or to glamorize them, but to study them. I think it’s a very unique feature that a photograph permits.

You can love these images or hate them, it’s completely up to you, but I’d ask that you take just a little bit and dig deeper into them to see what comes up from the surface. (I hope I’m able to print these bigger as well. They speak much clearer large – web doesn’t give the depth to be able to experience an image in fovial, parafovial, and peripheral simultaneously.)

*I feel like people are this way. How often do we skip over people that have amazing, detailed, compelling life experiences and stories? How often do we just blow past them because they don’t grab our interest in the seconds we drive past them?

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